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Galiltec at Intl. Biomass Conference and Expo

We exhibited our booth and spoke in one of the panels at the Intl. Biomass Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL.


The Rise of Biofuels

An Op Ed forecasting how biofuels will displace fossil fuels in the coming years.


Arundo is Better than Switchgrass for Biomass Power Generation

Europe is already using this fast-growing plant to produce ethanol and electricity.


The Energy Crop Experts

If you are in the contemplation stages of electing which energy crop would best fit your biomass venture, it would be of most prudence to educate yourself appropriately before making such a crucial decision. Not all energy crops are equal and the same goes for energy crop suppliers.

Many energy crop suppliers will overlook certain figures. Some do it intentionally while others just lack the knowledge and experience to account for them. Since we commercially farm and sell our own biomass feedstock, we can accurately provide our clients with comprehensive data to back the value of our products and services.

What makes us unique is our extensive commercial farming experience coupled with over a decade of innovative R&D in the energy crop and biomass field. When taking into account key variables such as humidity, dry yield and calorific value, our superior Arundo donax clones are the obvious choice for the successful production of biomass feedstock.