Plant Tissue Culture and micropropagation

Plant tissue culture is the practice of controlling plant tissue within a sterile environment by cutting and placing in a nutritional medium. Micropropagation is a tissue culture technique that allows for rapid plant multiplication while preserving the key genetic characteristics of the mother plant. Plant Tissue Culture is usually performed in a laboratory with aseptic environmental conditions. The propagules are grown in closed containers, an artificial sterile growing medium, in temperature and light controlled environment.

Typically the process is carried out in three consecutive stages:

Culture Establishment Stage

a small explant of a selected mother plant is introduced into culture.

Mass Multiplication Stage

cultures of stage I are transferred to media specially designed to promote mass and fast multiplication.

Elongation and Rooting Stage

propagules from stage II are planted on rooting media designated to promote their elongation and rooting.

The Final Product

The In Vitro product is a small plant that is soil, insect, and disease free. It can be easily exported to countries with tight sanitary importation regulations. The strict control of the media’s composition creates an ideal multiplication environment within the container. Consequently, compared to the conventional techniques, a much higher multiplication rate is achieved. Upon completion of the laboratory stages, an acclimatization (hardening) period follows. The small In Vitro plants are transferred to special greenhouses in order to gradually expose them to lower humidity and higher levels of light. By the end of this stage the In Vivo plant is ready to be transferred into the nursery stage and thereafter – to be planted in the field.

Anticipating the Future

At Galiltec, what makes us and our products unique is our approach to innovation. Besides being tissue culture pioneers, we have always audaciously attempted to anticipate market trends. For example, we started developing and researching energy crops in the late nineties; years before green, renewable energy was prevalently on people’s minds. Over the years, Galiltec has developed countless technologies in the lab and in the field to help provide our clients with superior products and services. One of our main goals is to ensure our clients’ competitiveness and profitability in the ever changing agriculture markets.