High Value Timber


Productive Forestry Plantation Concept

Consists of five fundamental principles that serve as a guideline and framework for success:

  •  Land Preparation
  •  High Quality Plants
  •  Irrigation and Fertigation Systems
  •  Intensive Professional Silvicultural Practices
  •  Technical Assistance


General Forestry Info

Galiltec’s forestry investment concept consists of reproducing superior clones of high value tree species such as Teak, Mahogany, and others. High quality plants and innovative growing techniques are the secret to our high yields and up to three times the growth speed.

Forestry as an Investment

In the last decades, high-value timber prices have enjoyed a steady increase due to an ever increasing demand and a sharp drop in supply. The demand is mostly caused by a fast growing middle class in emerging markets such as India and China. Supply has been sharply dropping do to tighter enforcement and restrictions on illegal cutting in South America and Asia. This makes high-value forestry farming a very lucrative low-risk investment. Unlike gold, high-value timber has many conventional uses such as construction, flooring, furniture, and tools. Therefore, the stable price increase is due to real market demand. One of the main drawbacks in conventional high-value forestry investments is the maturity time. Standard teak, mahogany and other high-value timbers can easily take 30 to 40 years before fully maturing. In addition, yields can be inconsistent and unpredictable when using conventional forestry plants and growing methods. At Galiltec, we have created superior clones of teak, mahogany, and other high-value timber plants that can produce consistent yields and mature in up to three times faster. We have also successfully improved forestry growing methods that can significantly lower the risks and unpredictability of any agricultural project. Using our superior forestry clones combined with our revolutionary growing concepts, we can offer a very lucrative low risk investment opportunity.